5 Tips to Handle Your Picky Eater

by Tanya Kerr 03/11/2019

Children can develop some unhealthy eating challenges that often make it difficult for the parents to solve. It is a concern, especially if your child is not gaining weight because of this picky habit. If you have a picky eater in your hands, don’t despair. Some tips can help you remedy the situation.

According to research, it takes more than ten exposures to develop a liking for new food. These results include all kinds of edibles like fruits and vegetables too, contrary to popular belief. If your child has this annoying habit, how do you encourage them to stop? Read on!

  1. Fixed Time. Having a scheduled time when your family eats either meals or snacks helps to curtail this picky behavior. Your kids are smart, and if they can skip meals and eat later, they are more likely to stick to this pattern. If lunch happens by 1:30 PM, make sure you stick to it.
  2. New Food. Don’t cook the same type of meal all the time. Be creative, incorporate other different ways of making a meal. Your kids don’t like boiled broccoli doesn’t mean they won’t fall in love with seasoned or roasted broccoli. The aim here is to avoid monotony and not bombard them with that same type of food always to prevent a loss of interest. 
  3. Include Them in The Process. This trick works a lot. When cooking, perhaps a new food which your kids aren’t exposed to yet, make them part of the process. Get them to cut the onions, tell them to get some vegetables from the garden. Children are more inclined to eat their creation, something that they made themselves.
  4. No Short-order Cooking. Your home isn’t a five-star hotel that cooks lots of courses. When serving your kids, include a meal or something they like so much. It could be a cake, baked beans, or fruits. Serve one meal for every member of the family, with their favorite attached. Cooking different meals might not work, it is exhausting unless perhaps you employed a cook.
  5. Serve Smart Snacks. When you want to serve snacks to your kids, make sure it isn't too close to mealtime. Serving cookies, salty chips, or sugary granola bars is a good option, though not a healthy one. The purpose is to get them to eat healthfully, like fruits and veggies when they are starving at snack time. However, don't overfill them.

Keep mixing and matching your child's favorite things until you come up with a reasonably consistent menu for them. Speak to your doctor if you notice any weight loss or health effects.

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